Meet the Owner


My name is Rackel Ismach. In 2003, I decided to move myself and my young son closer to family. I resigned from the Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department and landed in Woodstock. I’m happy to report that this lovely community quickly became home, my son is now grown and proudly serves in law enforcement, and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Moving from California to Georgia required that I change my career. As a single mother, I set my sights on developing a business that balanced my time between caring for my son and working. In the meantime, I took a job cleaning the salon of a family member while my son was at school. I am a small woman with a big personality — It didn’t take me long to become acquainted with the salon clientele. Some of them even asked if I would consider cleaning their home. Since I found cleaning to be fun and rewarding I committed to cleaning a few houses.

Soon it became clear that cleaning was my calling. I created some business cards in hopes of attracting a few more clients. Here I am—years later—with more than 130 happy clients, a full staff of dedicated employees, and a solid business plan to grow even larger.

I’m over the moon excited about the Just in Time cleaning staff. Collectively we have more than thirty years of professional cleaning experience and a passion for exceptional customer service. We take pride in getting to know each of our clients and regard each home, office, and building with the highest level of respect. To top it off, we arrive on time, clean with a smile, and lock the door behind us knowing your space is a happier place.

I look forward to hearing how our team can help you clean less and live more.

Have a Sparkling Day,

Just In Time Cleaning Service, President